Wednesday, June 7, 2017

moving musings

As I write this I am procrastinating the last pieces of packing that should be taking place.  Everyone does this right? Wait until the very last minutes to finish packing, be it for a long vacation, weekend trip or…move across the country.

This move is a big one for me, yes I’ve moved around a lot, as a child internationally across oceans with my family, then off to college, numerous apartments and then due to Myelodysplastic syndrome d5q I moved back to Houston for medical care. But this move, this move signifies so much more and is probably the hardest move I have ever done. I was so ready to leave for college when I was 18; I couldn’t get there fast enough with my two rolling suitcases! Moving throughout my childhood was just what we did but this move at 29 after my transplant seems to be much more difficult than any other.

Don’t get me wrong I am excited to get back and re-start my professional and social life in the city that I love, but I also realize more than ever what I am giving up for this restart.   
I will miss the random lunch dates I have with my mom, dinners at our favorite places or just hanging out knitting and sewing the day away with her. I will miss going to ballet class with my mom. I will miss heading to a new barbecue joint with my dad, and just the ability to hang out with them on the whim, no plans, no need to schedule a visit.

I am so grateful for everything that my parents have done and continue to do for me throughout this crazy, whirlwind of a journey and these next steps I take to re-start my life.

Thursday I embark on my road trip up north and it will be a bittersweet ‘bye for now’ to Texas. The amazing part is that I get to say goodbye, my health is good enough that I can go and return for check-ups quarterly.  I have waited for this day since I returned back to Houston 2 ½ years ago, it seemed so far away that there would be a day that I could leave and feel healthy, and comfortable enough to return back to Philadelphia. It is surreal looking back on the time I have spent in Houston and realizing that this time to take life back and move forward is here.

Thank you all for your continuing support on my journey and for my parents. Here’s to a new adventure and restart to life.


  1. Congrats Elle!!! Safe travels back to Philly.

  2. I will miss you. Best wishes. Charlene

  3. I will miss you. Best wishes. Charlene

  4. Elle you have gotten through this and now ready to move on with your life. Congratulations and good luck out east.

  5. My continued good wishes go with you.
    Linda Stokes

  6. Elle est forte! Strong, beautiful and talented. The world awaits your next act. All the best to you Elle!!!!

  7. But who will feed my cookie addiction? Have a wonderful time, forge ahead, continue to be brave.


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