Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's been awhile

Lots of things to update all of you wonderful people about. First, a big news medical update. Guess what? Seriously guess what I no longer have to take.

I am completely off all of the billions of medicines I was on, including the major one that suppressed my immune system so it would get along with my donors. Now I only take vitamins in the morning. I am still on one medicine as my levels continue to rise but that is a breathing treatment I do once a month - so not a big deal. I have been off of all the medications for a little over a month and things have been going great - no hiccups yet! They watch you a little bit closer after you come off of the immunosuppressant because this is the time that things could go awry and my body could decide it doesn't like my donor cells anymore. But so far so good over here.

The one thing that I was warned about has happened - although it is not the worst thing in the world. Excema! I was told that coming off the immunosuppressant would make my excema flair an oh man has it. But if that is the worst of it, I can survive a little itching and bumps until my body sorts itself out completely.

It has felt really great being of all of the drugs that I was on. My energy seems to be returning to a more normal level as I get further and further away from the meds. I have started to dance again at my old dance studio I used to attend in High School. Not only is it a blast but great for my lungs as they try to reach back up to full capacity.

On to the next piece of news I want to share with all of you. I  was waiting until it was completely official.

I FINISHED and GRADUATED from Drexel University with my Master's Degree!
I can't believe it's done, it actually worked out and I was able to finish my Masters of Education.  I started the program 7 years ago and left about a year after I started, unable to balance all of it. Then as I was recovering I decided to look into using my time wisely and attain a master's degree. I checked with Drexel and I was able to jump right back into the program that I had started years prior.

All of this news is leaning towards a life of a little bit more normalcy. Hopefully a move in the somewhat near future back to the city that I love! With that move real life starts to come into play more and more and that means the Job search must begin! So all you Philadelphian's I am asking for some help here! If you know of any jobs (with health insurance 😉) let me know.

I am so excited to keep this positive momentum moving forward and to see what happens next!

Ps my cheeks are totally back to normal - no more chipmunk face


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!! -Kelly

  2. Lee andreotti3/30/17, 10:34 AM

    Hi Elle!! Momma Lee here...Congrats on your Masters degree. Good way to use your recoup time . And those diner cells can never be rejected .. they are perfection .. at least that's what Jessica would say ;-).

    1. Momma Lee! Jessica's cells have been miraculous so far <3

  3. WOW and Zowee! That is nothing but GREAT news Elle. I'm absolutely thrilled for you and your family. It makes my heart sing to know you will be moving forward with your life in all positive ways! Onward.

  4. Praise God


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