Saturday, September 17, 2016

World Marrow Donor Day

So what you ask brings me back to this blog after so long. I will tell you, probably the most important person ever to exist, my DONOR. Today is World Marrow Donor Day and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the amazing women that donated her stem cells (bone marrow) to me over a year ago. The process isn't quick or painless for the donor but is something you can get past easily and well you save a life. It is as simple as that with out my donor I'm not sure where I would be today.

My donor saved my life and there are not words in this world to describe how much I thank her for doing that. I think of her daily and how she chose to help someone across the country that she did not even know. I know that I am not just thinking of her daily, and of course sending her all the positive vibes my body can send but that many of you have thought of her. What a courageous and selfless person. I hope that she continually feels positive vibes her way for saving me. 

I also want to take the time to thank all of those that have registered on the bone marrow registry! For you so many people are thankful and you may get that call to help save a life and I hope you help. I hope to help register as many people as possible as a way to pay it forward for my transplant. If you haven't registered, it is super simple just click here and follow the directions. 

A quick update in my world and I will post more later, but I have recently come back from a 6 week trip up north and cannot WAIT to get back in a month for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I came home with remnants of a rash that just will not go away. I have a ton of steroid creams and will find out what exactly it is in a few days when the biopsies come back. (Yes, they took two small punctures out of my skin - really fun!). Besides that I remain on my immunosuppressant and all the fun antivirals and antibiotics that come along with it. That means 17 pills a day a huge improvement from what I used to take and well 9 of those are magnesium vitamins (so they don't really count). 

Lastly, please send some positive vibes to my donor on this special day to celebrate her! 


  1. Congrats Elle and I applaud you for telling people about donating stem cells and bone marrow - which are two different things. My son donated both to my daughter which extended her life for 5 1/2 years.
    I agree there is no pain, just the time to do the donation and there is no pain for the patient either when they get the stem cells and then the bone marrow at another time. It is an amazing circle of life both for medicine, the donor and the recipient. Onward my dear.

  2. Glad to see things are working out for you when it comes to this Elle.

  3. Do you get to contact your donor or do you not get to know anything about her? Xx


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