Monday, April 11, 2016

hey hey

Hey all! I thought an update was due and I am going to try and get better at it! Things continue to move in the right direction and I am completely off of the prednisone steroids and have been for about a month or two! WOOOHOOO so here is a fun during and after steroid pic! (the cheeks still need to go down a little bit but its slowly happening.) Oh and also there is hair! Weird, strange, mad scientist hair but hey it's hair!

Benefits of my WACK-O hair

1. Shampoo and conditioner last me forever 
2. It looks like I have "normal" hair if I wear a hat
3. No matter what I do it looks as beautiful as above everyday
4. I  don't have to brush it - that actually makes it worse
5. It actually grew back 
6. My scalp can still get a suntan!

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday! Have a great week and hopefully it will be less than 3 months before I update again!


  1. Love the DO, and the outlook! :)

  2. Thanks for the update! Thinking of you. Jonathan FFS

    1. No problem - sorry it took so long! Hope all is well over at FFS

  3. You look adorable! It's that positive attitude and hair that is as perky as you!

    Thanks for sharing...........Barbara

  4. You look great Elle! John says his hair looks like that every morning... gel works wonders! llol

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