Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Day +50

Hi Hi, I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. Ours was a quiet one since I am still not allowed around crowds of people. No fireworks for us, but it was nice and relaxing. A well done hamburger with corn and sweet potato fries made the perfect dinner...everything but the well done hamburger. I cannot wait until I can eat food that isn't fully cooked again. first thing on the list eggs benedict!! oooo how I miss you runny eggs.

On my day +50 I took a picture every hour of what I was doing so here it is.
woke up early and started reading 
taking my temperature (every morning and evening) 
out for our AM walk
starting the daily home infusions 
reading a gorgeous cook book with my fanny pack infusion holder!
working on my other blog
one of my many knitting projects!!
reading - honestly probably fell asleep for a nap 2 mins later
on our way to go get henna!
henna head!
celebrating day +50 with a delicious Fluff Bake Bar cupcake
a little retail celebration at the gap!
back home and hanging out
watching tv and knitting some more - the project may get done in 20 years!
peeling off the henna
off to bed!

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